Recycling Services

County Waste Management offers one time per week pick-ups for your co-mingled and paper materials. These products are picked up at your home and separated at a recycling plant for processing. By utilizing this plant we reduce the quantity of trash placed in landfills.

Here are the types of items you can recycle in our residential recycling program. Please place all Glass Bottles, Cans, and Plastic Containers (co-mingled) along with small quantities of cardboard, News and Paper in clear or blue bags or a recycling toter.

Glass Bottles & Jars

Recycle all food and beverage containers- clear and colored glass. Please rinse all items. Do not recycle Glass that is not used for food and beverage, such as light bulbs, drinking glasses and windows.


Flatten or cut boxes to a maximum size of 2ft. x 2ft. Do not recycle Waxed cardboard (such as milk cartons), Plastic and Styrofoam packing materials.

If you have large quantities or bulky cardboard you must schedule a special pick up.

Newspapers, Magazines, Books & Mixed Paper

Recycle all weekly and daily newspapers, including glossy inserts. Recycle all outdated phone books, magazines, brochures, books and junk mail.  

Plastic Containers

Recycle Plastic Bottles, Jugs, and Jars marked 1 or 2 . Do not recycle 5 gallon plastic pails, foam plastic materials, film plastic, plastic bags, and flower pots.