Refuse Compactors

If your business generates a high-volume of compactable waste, a Compactor System may be the perfect solution to efficiently manage your waste and/or recycling needs.

  • Reduce waste pick-ups
  • Enhance employee safety
  • Cut costs and labor requirements
  • Promote recycling
  • Reduce fire, security, and health concerns
  • Improve aesthetics

Self Contained Compactor

Waste generators such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls or commercial/industrial food waste generators can control their wet waste disposal and ensure environmental protection with this self-contained compactor unit. Our compactors and containers are constructed of heavy-gauge steel and are totally enclosed, keeping wastes secure, inaccessible, and less likely to leak or attract pests.


Stationary Compactor

In applications where there is large bulky waste, dry waste or cardboard, a stationary compactor maybe the right solution for your operation. These machines can have large hoppers to accommodate large quantities of waste.