Appliance, Mattress & Furniture Disposal in Westchester County

“Most of the time, being a property manager is a good job,” Steve said. “But sometimes it’s a headache.” One of the biggest challenges he faces occurs when tenants move out. “Most people are decent, but sometimes – usually the people we have to urge along – leave all their junk behind.” If the items are in good shape, it’s company policy to donate them to local charitable groups, but that doesn’t work for everything. “Nobody wants nasty old mattresses, or busted up appliances and furniture,” Steve explained.

For a while, Steve handled the regularly recurring need to dispose of appliances, furniture, mattresses and other junk on his own. “I’ve got a full size pickup truck, and with two of my helpers, we’d load all of this stuff and run it to the landfill.” The process was time-consuming and lots of hard work. “Worst of all, it was dangerous. One of my guys ripped his arm open on this busted up entertainment center. He wound up needing 16 stitches. I knew there had to be a better way to handle junk removal.”

A conversation with a fellow property manager let Steve know that working with a professional Westchester junk removal company was the way to go. “He urged me to choose a local junk removal company, rather than a chain, because you want to work with this company on an ongoing basis,” Steve said. “It has definitely made my life easier. Now all I have to do is place a phone call for pickup, and the crew shows up and takes everything away. They use their trucks, and they’re licensed and insured which is a lot of stress off of my mind. Best of all, I’m not spending two or three days every couple of months dealing with people’s busted up furniture and scuzzy mattresses. Why handle junk if you don’t have to? Let the pros do it for you.”